Ionic Air Purifiers

Staying at home does not guarantee you are safe from air pollutants. Most of the time, people stay indoors for relaxation and free from air pollution. Unfortunately, even air at home is not that safe. They hide in your walls, curtains, carpets and even in your clothes. These pollutants stay usually in closed house and kitchens or offices. There is a product that helps you minimize pollution within your own house. It is what they call Ionic Air... Read More

Germ Guardian Air Purifiers, Humidifiers and Sanitizers

Germ Guardian is a company that sells and develops consumer products for bulk retail. In their product lines, the Germ Guardian Company is dedicated on developing natural, safe and innovative technologies. The technologies mentioned are the main objectives in developing their superior featured products. Germ Guardian is successful during their product launches numerous times and they are very devoted in building strong partnerships in retail. The... Read More

Stylish Oransi V-HEPA Plus Air Purifier

The Oransi V-HEPA Plus is an air purifier that works very hard and still manages to be so quiet with a low noise level of 28 decibels. Inside the stylish ultra-thin outer casing is the V-HEPA air purifier filter that efficiently eradicates 95 percent of pet dander, bacteria, dust, pollen and mold from the air you are breathing. Once it is running, you will notice the air is cleaner to breathe. This purifier does its job seriously. The first stage... Read More

Hand Held 5004B-P Pocket Air Purifier

Germs are everywhere and the best catcher of germs in the body is your hand. You have to face it. However clean you are to your body, but if you will not protect yourselves from the outside such as bacteria and all those nasty germs around you, you will likely catch flu and all other type of sickness. You could just imagine touching the germs that cause flu, colds, salmonella, deadly e-coli, molds and a lot more without you knowing it. These are... Read More

Energy Efficient Way Healthier Home Air Purifier

Air purifiers are now more popular than ever, due to the fact that the volume of air pollution is increasing. A lot of people also consider purchasing the best air purifier available, for they are now well-educated on the health risks that can be acquired from air pollution. Even though all air purifiers have the same goal of cleaning the air, not all give the optimum purifying performance. Some of them promise to have Electrostatic Ion purifier,... Read More

PN 169 AIR Fresh-Works Car Ionizer Air Purifier

Manufactured by Cliplight, the PN 169 AIR Fresh-Works Car Air Purifier uses current ionizer that eliminates odor from households, boats, and used cars. This air purifier uses a technology that exterminates the source of the bad odor, unlike the air freshener which only masks the bad odor. To maximize the deodorizing effect of this portable product, it is advised that you first clean the carpet and the upholstery of the vehicle before using the... Read More

Sleek O-Two Air Purifier

It is important that our house is clean and comfortable to live in, for it is the place where we unwind and relax from the stress we feel outside. The air pollution and contaminants outside is increasing rapidly because of the growing number of vehicles that use fossil fuel. Because of this, the O-Two air purifier promises to remove 99.9 percent of air pollutants and this air purifier uses BioOx organic compounds. The movable O-Two air purifier... Read More

Three Reasons Your Salon Needs Air Purifier

People constantly want to look good, so they go to salons to give themselves a whole new look. Many people don’t know that a salon can be dangerous to their health for the air inside contains a lot of chemicals coming from the beauty products and microscopic hairs from clients. To eliminate all of these, salon needs to have an air purifier. Below are the three reasons stated by Debbie Davis why you need to filter your salon air continuously. 1.... Read More

Air Purifier: Surround Air XJ-3800 Intelli-Pro

The Surround Air XJ-3800 Intelli-Pro works by automatically controlling and monitoring the air quality using a set of thorough devices. This air purifier removes air impurities that cause odors, toxins, allergies, etc. with seven different modes of cleaning. The Intelli-Pro has a diagnostic built-in sensor that informs you when to replace the filter and it have a proven 99.97 percent collection rate long-lasting HEPA filter. The purifier is designed... Read More

Sharp KC-850U Plasmacluster Air Purifier

Whatever the season, the Sharp KC-850U Plasmacluster with a 3-stage filter system and humidifying function gives a distinctive combination of technologies that make your family and you relaxed. This purifier with its ultra-quiet fan will help the allergy and asthma sufferers by removing irritants like smoke, pet dander, odors, dust, pollen, mold spores, germs, and bacteria. The revolutionary Ion Technology makes the air cleaner and healthier. The... Read More

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