Do Whole House Air Purifiers Work?

In short, not really! Whole house air purifiers work by filtering the air from your central heating system/furnace system. The idea is that the device cleans the air as it passes through your house heating/cooling system and allows this clean air to pass into your home. Many different types of filters are used in these systems such as: HEPA Electrostatic precipitators Self-Charging electrostatic air filters Ultra-violet light systems Portable ozone-ionizer... Read More

3 Reasons Why WalMart Air Purifiers Are A Waste Of Time

It might seem like a great idea to pick up a cheap air purifier whilst your doing your grocery shopping but in reality your going to waste your money. The vast majority of air purifiers that are stocked by Walmart are under $150 and the majority sold are created by Sharper Image. The two best selling purifiers are the ionic pro combo and ionic pro mini both by Sharper image. 1. Keep Well Away from Sharper Image Now Sharper Image has had some bad... Read More