Air Purifier Reviews – Video

Right I have finally got round to making my first video. In this video I just wanted to give some basic advice to people looking for the first time at air purifier reviews. I did a little voice over showing how particle size is one of the most important things to look for in a new air purifier. I also used the rating table of the worst, middle and top air purifiers on the market. I wanted to just outline to people that there are a number of air... Read More

Do Whole House Air Purifiers Work?

In short, not really! Whole house air purifiers work by filtering the air from your central heating system/furnace system. The idea is that the device cleans the air as it passes through your house heating/cooling system and allows this clean air to pass into your home. Many different types of filters are used in these systems such as: HEPA Electrostatic precipitators Self-Charging electrostatic air filters Ultra-violet light systems Portable ozone-ionizer... Read More

What We Look For In Air Purifier Reviews

For each purifier that we review, we look at the following points: 1. Make sure that no gas leaks [this includes ozone] 2. Check that the filtration process is up to HEPA industrial standards. 3. Is the purifier well built or will it fall apart in a few weeks? 4. How easy will it be to fix yourself? Can you replace parts and filters easily? 5. Do the filters last long? How much do they cost? 6. How noisy is the machine when it’s running? 7. What... Read More

Guide To Air Purifier Reviews

The Environmental Protection Agency of the United States ranks indoor air pollutants among the top five environmental health risks. Indoor air pollutants include particulate matter such as dust, smoke, pollen, animal hair, tobacco smoke, and cooking stove emissions. The home’s air can also be laden with harmful dust mites, molds, bacteria and viruses as well as the particles they produce. Gases from combustion processes (cooking, vehicles, tobacco)... Read More

Air Purifier Reviews

Finding a good quality air purifier is a challenging task as every person will need it for a different task. Someone with an allergy will require the purifier to remove particle causing allergens. In comparison someone with MCS will need the purifier to do a different job. When we look at every purifier that we review at our site, we take into account the needs of different consumers. When we review the purifier we try to test across a large range... Read More