Zen Living Professional Air Purifier

The Zen Living Professional Air Purifier is a UVC Germicidal digital air purifier with HEPA filter that is best for regulating allergies. For odor eliminating features, it is recommended to use the Carbon Filter Zen Living Model.


When you first turn the unit on, the air purifying function will automatically work. To reduce the number of dust particles, this air purifier will create negative ions that attract particles of dust round the clock. It has a separate control for the activated oxygen. In occupied spaces, the activated oxygen is usually retained at modest levels. To ensure the removal of odors, the air purifier may be set to a high level for a certain time period. If you are away, you can automatically set the timer to deodorize your office or home completely. Ozone that is unused returns back to regular O2 around 1 hour.


This product removes pet dander, tobacco, odors and smoke. The Zen Living Professional Air Purifier features an air sanitizer that significantly reduces bacteria, mildew and mold that cause illness from workplace or home. As the germs flow through the unit, the UV-C germicidal light will exterminate them.

The Zen Living Professional Air Purifier is designed to have a larger airflow. There are four steps process when the air is purified. The first step is the pre-filter that traps big particles like hair and then the air goes to the second stage which contains a washable HEPA filter that traps airborne pollutants, pollen, and dust that cause symptoms of allergy. The third stage is the stage that eradicates all types of microorganisms by using the UVC Germicidal light. The fourth and the final stage create negative ions that attract and attach to the bacteria, germs, and dust. When those harmful particles collected will be heavy enough, they will fall into the ground and can easily be vacuumed by vacuum cleaners. In that way, it will no longer be a threat for irritating respiratory tract. The unit comes with activated oxygen for removing odors but it is suggested not to use this feature for allergy fighting, because it may have a negative effect to people suffering from respiratory problems like severe allergies.

HEPA filter

The Zen Living Professional Air Purifier weighs 17 pounds and generates 11,300,000,000,000 ions per second or 11.3 Trillion ions per second! What generate the ions is the 12-15 Kilovolts power supply. This unit also operates silently with its 12 volts DC 400 CFM five speed fan.

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