Holmes Air Purifier Review

Following intensive consumer testing – i have put together a review of the top 5 Holmes air purifiers on the market today.

1. Holmes HAP756-U air purifier


Holmes HAP756-U air purifier is an allergen remover up to 99.97% efficient in removing pollen, dust, pet, mold and smoke from the air passing through the filter. Also has a filter feature to add baking soda to assist in eliminating household odors. This unit designed with a digital timer, runs automatically for 16 hours, has four programmable speeds, can be placed vertically or horizontally and has an alert to let you know when it’s time to change filters. This small unit can cover up large rooms up to 418 square feet. The one con is that the unit is noisy. 


2. HAP1200-U Life Long Tower

Holmes HAP1200-U

The HAP1200-U Life Long Tower from Holmes doesn’t require filter replacement for it has a built-in washable permanent filter. This HEPA-type filtration system removes 99% of airborne particles, 3 speeds, comes with optional ionizer setting for air freshening and can cover medium size rooms up to 170 square feet. Cons are that the fan tends to rattle on any setting other than the lowest setting. Also the bright blue light on the fan also makes it difficult to sleep.


3. HAP424-U Model

HAP424-U Model air purifier

HAP424-U Model is a HEPA-type air purifier removes up to 99% of airborne particles including dust, pollen, mold spores and eliminates most household and pet odors with a built-in enhanced filter for baking soda. Slim tower design allows you to place it anywhere in the house, filter change alert system and comes with a 3 speed setting. This medium size unit covers rooms up to 180 square feet. Cons are that while the lowest setting is quiet the other settings are loud as a regular wind fan.


4. Holmes HAP706-U mini tower

Holmes HAP706-U mini tower

Holmes HAP706-U mini tower removes 99.97% airborne particles and is a true HEPA filter. Slim space saving tower, three cleaning levels, washable pre-filter that captures larger particles with an optional ionizer to naturally freshen the air. Designed for a small room covers up to 80 square feet. Does put a “new smell” into a room but the con is that it sounds like a regular wind fan on higher speed settings.


5. HAP242-UC


Small room air purifier Holmes model HAP242-UC is a HEPA-type filter removes 99% airborne particles and allergens. This particular unit has a carbon filtration which reduces household odors. Has dual-position, slim space saving design, filter exchange indicator with a 3 speed setting. It is a quiet unit even on the highest setting but con is that the filters are expensive to replace, which is about every three to four months.


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