Allergy Air Purifier – Can They Help?

Most people will come across air purifiers as an alternative way to reduce their allergic symptoms. Air Purifiers are used for allergies such as dust mite, pollen and pet dander. The science behind allergy air purifier is that they remove the allergens from the air and thus the sufferer no longer has a allergic reaction.


This sounds like magic pill for allergy suffers but the vast majority of air purifiers will actually make their allergy worse.

I often spend time answering questions on Yahoo answers and very often people will ask why their air purifier is actually making their allergy worse. One young women bought an ionizer air purifier and then told us how it made her allergies worse for the next 6 months. It was only when this purifier broke that her allergies got better.


Now the problem with many ionizer air purifiers is they they will stir up the dust/pollen/pet dander in your room and bring it out of the areas it has been hiding. The Ionization process will then charge the allergen particles and make them heavier. However if the air purifier has limited ability of filtering the allergens then the problem has only been made worse. Allergens that are stuck in your carpet or behind objects does not cause as much problems as the allergens in the air. It’s the reason why many of us even with no allergies start sneezing after we have been dusting our rooms.


Another problem with using an air purifier for allergies is that some of the cheaper ionizer based models actually produce ozone which can trigger allergies in some people. In once case – The ionic breeze air purifier produced as much ozone as the amount found during high smog season in downtown LA! Any air purifier that produces any sort of ozone should be ignored by someone looking to remove allergens from the air.

It might sound like i am telling you that air purifier are useless for allergies but I’m not. In fact, i helped to reduce my symptoms caused by my dust mite allergy by using an air purifier. However it took me many different models and lots of $$ to find one that actually worked. So i have put together a list of things to look for if you really want an allergy air purifier:

1. No Ozone Production – check with independent results to see how much ozone is produced

2. Needs to be able to deal with a room sized at least 500 square feet – but preferable more than a 1000 feet.

3. Needs to be able to remove 99.7% of particles bigger than 0.3 microns. In most cases this will require a true HEPA filter. Again check independent results to see how it works both out of the box and after 6 months.

4. Always choose an air purifier that comes with a pre-filter. Pre Filters stop big particles such as dust, pet hair and general dirt. With a pre-filter it will mean that you won’t have to buy as many costly replacement HEPA filters.

5. Try to find an air purifier that has a silent sleep mode as you will want to keep the machine running whilst you sleep.

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