15 Houseplants You Can You As Air Purifiers

If have just completed this infographic that shows how you can use houseplants as air purifiers. (please click the image for the full-size image)


I really want to know if this is the type of content you would like to see more of at air-purifier-reviewsite.com.

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  1. Growing Houseplants says:

    A word of caution about the ‘spider plant’ They are not necessarily pet friendly. There are a few types out there that people refer to as “Spider Plant”. The spider plant actually produces a chemical that works similar to an opiate to a pet. In low doses this may not be a problem, but large doses or extended munching can cause problems.

    With any plant accessible to your pets, check the SPCA website and/or consult a vet. Then, watch your pet to see if they leave it alone. I manage to keep some of these plants away from my pets through the use of red pepper sprinkled around the containers.

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